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Family Dentist Ringwood NJ: Cosmetic Dentist

When you’re in the market for a new dentist look for Sluka Family Dental as a local dentist in Ringwood NJ. You always want someone you can depend on to supply compassionate care in regards to your family. You want somebody who is capable of being gentle but firm with kids when stressing the importance of oral hygiene. At the same time, you don’t want someone that is going to lecture you to the point of ineffectiveness! The father-son team Dr. Joseph Sluka, DDS and Dr. Jared Sluka, DDS strives to provide the ideal balance of effective treatment and comprehensive care. As it pertains to making sure patients are completely informed of their options for treatment and comfortable in all examinations with our staff, we’re totally dedicated. We have highly skilled and professional hygienists who have a specialty when it comes to calming our patients’ nerves, no matter how old or young they may be. Sluka Family Dental is the choice to make when you’re searching for a leading local dentist in Ringwood NJ to make sure that each and every person in your family receives the care they need no matter how old they are.

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Look no further than Sluka Family Dental as a cosmetic dentist in Ringwood NJ when you are ready to improve your smile. Dr. Jared Sluka, DDS is a very recent graduate from dental school and as such he has extensive training when it comes to some of the latest technologies in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Joseph Sluka, DDS has more than 25 years of experience. These combined mean that whatever procedure you might need you’re going to be certain to feel at ease. To make certain your mouth is as healthy as possible, we provide preventative care. To pick up where there may have been slack in oral hygiene, we specialize in restorative care. Oral hygiene isn’t always performed perfectly, meaning that the techniques we specialize in in terms of restorative care are important. When it comes to procedures in cosmetic dentistry, Sluka Family Dental really shines, and your mouth will as well. We are proud to be tooth whitening dentists so that you are able to have all of your dental requirements – check up, cleaning, teeth whitening, and more – done in one place by a family you’re capable of counting on. Contact us today at Sluka Family Dental to make an appointment when a respected cosmetic dentist in Ringwood NJ is what you’re trying to find.

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The task of finding a dentist for the entire family does not have to be a difficult one; this is the reason you should call Sluka Family Dental as a local dentist in Ringwood NJ. From our name to our staff, you’re capable of telling we’re all about the family. Dr. Joseph Sluka, DDS has been so successful in easing the minds of his patients prior to any and all dental procedures! Dr. Jared Sluka, DDS enjoys treating families and young children, which is why he concentrated on pediatric dental care during his residency. He has special concern for the oral hygiene needs of teething infants, toddlers, and children who are losing their baby teeth. Dr. Jared is building his career on a foundation of being simple to talk to and easy to listen to, which means he is a great choice for a dentist who won’t intimidate or frighten your kids.

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From our family to yours, put your trust in the caring and trusted staff of Sluka Family Dental as a family dentist in Ringwood NJ.