The Staff

The strength of our office is our friendly, efficient, courteous staff.

Lynda, our office manager, has been working with us for over 30 years. She knows all there is to know to maximize patients’ insurance coverage. She works with each patient individually to make their needed dentistry affordable and make their experience painless and customer friendly.

Sheri, also a 25 year veteran, is Dr. Sluka’s chairside assistant. She is invaluable, and her humor and quick wit help to calm even the most nervous dental patient.

Jeanette, Judy and Amanda all pitch in to provide the hygiene services with skill, and a gentle, caring touch. They have a combined 45 years of service in our practice. Jeanette works for the local peridontist when she in not at our office. Judy teaches hygiene at Bergen Community College hygiene program.

Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the best dental care in a family environment to our patients. Please consider giving us an opportunity to welcome your family to join ours.